Raptor Fest

Bard Owl

This little guy was saved after he collided with a station wagon. The Bard Owl spent the last little while in rehabilitation but he was out and about today. You can see his left eye is partially paralyzed from the accident.

Ferruginous Hawk

This Ferruginous Hawk has a smug look but he’s built like an eagle so I’m not going to start anything between us.

A raptor does a fly by just over the heads of the crowd.

A raptor flies-by over head of the crowd.

Jet is only a year old but he's been killing prey at the Vancouver International Airport. Jet is a Peregrin Falcon, which is the fastest animal on the plant.

Jet is only a year old but he’s been killing prey at the Vancouver International Airport for a little while now. If you look at his beak you can see some fresh blood from his last meal. Jet is a Peregrin Falcon, which is the fastest animal on the plant.

Manway the eagle flew away during last year's Raptor Fest. He's back again this year for a stoic photo-op.

Manway the eagle flew away during last year’s Raptor Fest. He’s back again this year for a stoic photo-op.

The Eagle’s Nest

What do you do when you’re down in the dumps? I like to photograph eagles.

Seriously, there are scores of eagles by the Metro Vancouver Landfill. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Eagle in Flight

Bald and Golden eagles camp out along the fringe of the dump/Burns Bog. It’s a prime location for anyone interested in photographing birds of prey.

Eagle's Bath Eagle's Take Off Eagle Eagles NestThere’s over 20 eagles in this picture and this is just one cluster of trees.

Golden Eagle

#PhotoSafari: For The Birds

Angry Birds Bird Canadian Goose Chickadee Eating Seeds Female Wood Duck Fraser Crane Goose Landing Hanging Out on a Post Eating Some Seeds Herron in the Slough Male Wood Duck Mighty Duck Red Winged Black Bird


The West Coast

Long BeachI really wanted to see the ocean. Not the gentle lapping waters that surround Vancouver kind of “ocean.” I wanted to see real waves.

After the Victoria Film Festival, I made the drive to Long Beach.

I was not disappointed.


The drive across the island was beautiful. There’s so many vistas and opportunities to snag a quick pic (like the one above at Kennedy Lake and below in Cathedral Grove).

Cathedral Grove

Old Man Beard

Big Rocks 2


Any Fog is Good Fog

Lions Gate Bridge cloaked in fog.

Lions Gate Bridge cloaked in fog.

Doing It Yourself

Rail Glide

From GoPros attached to quadcopters to gimmicky iPhone lens clips, Rafferty Baker and I are always talking about what gear we need to get a great shot.

About a month ago we went out and bought some cheap skateboard wheels and ball-bearings. The plan was to build track dollies for those sweet “unchained” shots.

For the longest time, I was unsure how to tackle the design of the dolly until I saw two old fridge door handles at work. I decided to shelf the track dolly plan for a relatively smaller rail-glider. The two handles were  screwed together to create a seamless five foot rail.

After consulting various DIY walkthroughs and hours in Home Depot, I spent most of the day constructing this rail-glider chassis.

It’s far from perfect but it’s a start in the right direction.


University Video Essays

The other day, I helped put together a little minute-long video essay for a friend of mine. He came to me looking for help with his NYU Wagner video application.

Before setting out to record this short personal message, we sat down and looked at what other people had submitted to various NYU programs.

I was amused at the quality of the competition. A vast majority of video essays were shot off of a laptop’s webcam….

… while others were shot vertically, quite possibly from an iPhone.


I guess that’s alright for Buffalo Hot-Wings, but we needed something a little more interesting.

It was a quick little exercise and I felt it went alright. Hopefully it’ll pay off for my friend Robbie.