In the eye of the beholder

Over the last few months, Richmond and Vancouver have invested time and money into the beautification and cultural improvement of the metropolitan image.

The Vancouver Biennale art exhibition started in October 2009 and continues until 2011.  According to the Vancouver Biennale website (

“Biennale is a bi-annual public art exhibitions that brings sculptures, new media and performance works by celebrated and emerging international artists to Vancouver area public parks, beaches and urban plazas, transforming the city into an open-air museum.  The exhibition promises a diverse mix of interesting and important works of contemporary art, from the spectacular to the curious, to the thought-provoking and playful, all completely free of charge for the entire community to enjoy throughout the seasons.”

As always, the decision to erect a giant Lenin head or seven red squatting men have outraged a populous portion of Vancouver that believes tax dollars should be used for more important issues like aiding the homeless.

Other critics, of the Biennale, are hung up on the fact that these exhibits are the product of international artists from countries like China, Mexico and India.

However outlandish the art may seem, the Biennale exhibits offer a greater cultural depth to the City of Vancouver.

City art has the potential to change an average city into a distinctive unique urban metropolis.

Public art has strong, everlasting, effect on a person’s recollection of a city.


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