“…that’s gangster and now the whole world will see…”

High above the VCC-Clark SkyTrain station is a new neon sign splitting the night along Vancouver’s eastern skyline.  A giant white neon cross raised 17 feet off the ground reminds me how dirty this city is. 

And I love it.

From the alleys on the east side to the decay on Hastings,  there must be some kind of magic that keeps me kicking around the streets. 

Lately, I have walked around Vancouver looking for the next photo to  add to my collection.  I’ll stay out all night listening to the radio, perched on the corner of Kingsway and Main, waiting for flashing lights to waken me from a vacant dream.  When I’m restless from waiting I’ll drive by the usual late night three-penny-opera somewhere along Jackson and Alexander.  I’ll wonder what kind of man Oppenheimer was or  what would Strathcona’s mother say to this mess of disease, poverty and prostitution?

And now we have a night-light to bask in East Vancouver’s glory…

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