The Student’s Kitchen Table

The Student's Kitchen Table

For a while, I was uninterested in photography.  I was preoccupied with a new-found love of in videography.  Essentially, I was blinded by the glitz and glamour of moving pictures that I stopped photographing for a while.

I was bored because I kept taking the same picture. There was no skill involved and all my actions seemed routine. There was something wrong with me!

I was working in the warehouses of Annacis Island when I was reminded of Pablo Picasso’s great works of art.  At that second in time something sparked within my brain. I was remembering a fading memory from my travels when I stood in front of “Guernica” for 20 minutes trying to understand the horror and mass destruction inflicted on that small Basque town in 1937.

Picasso was a genius for painting such an impressive masterpiece.

Then it hit me. It was time I experimented with photography and tried my hand at cubism.

I tried to photograph Granville Street at night and create a cubist rendition but that attempted was far too ambitious for someone just experimenting in this field.

I had to start small and focus on the simplicity of the subject. But what should my subject be?

And then Helmut Grinley suggested dice.

It was a subject so easy and so small that it would seem easy to capture the essence of a pair of dice.

Five hours later ‘The Student’s Kitchen Table’ was born.

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