Tangled Up in Red, White and Blue

This photo was a direct result of the 420 celebration in Downtown Vancouver.

I hopped a SkyTrain to Granville Street station but something was wrong when I emerged from the depths of metro.

It was 4:23 PM on April 20, 2011, and 20 thousand people breathed out a communal plume of smoke together.

As I made my way closer to the clouds of pot I realized this was no place for me. The streets were packed with everybody and anybody slightly interested in pot-culture. And, here I was, just wanting to take some pictures of the day’s events.

I decided to leave the art gallery after getting stuck in the crowd for nearly 15 minutes.

I walked along Burrard Street away from the epicentre of 420. Somewhere around Comox and Burrard I saw this guy trying to untangle the Canadian Flag from the American flag.

With the elections coming up and our current government the way it is, I thought this photograph had a nice little symbolism to it.

But, does anyone care about symbolism or finding meaning art? How about those hanging outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery?

One response to “Tangled Up in Red, White and Blue

  1. You could not be more on the money!

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