#PRO-TIP: Going “Official”

Too legit to quit. Keep your eyes peeled for this sweet lanyard around town.

Are you having a hard time being taken seriously as a photographer?

Me too.

I’m a year into this photography phase and I thought it was time to take MJV.com a step further.

What I need is ‘real’ media access to bigger events like concerts and stadium sports. Essentially, I don’t want to pay to get into gigs and I want to be separated from the commoners that also attend these events.

So, I thought about what I needed in order to look legit in this world. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was an Identification-Card.

People with ID-Cards are perceived to be important in society. No-one in their right mind would make an ID-Card for no reason. If I hang one of these bad-boys around my neck I’ll be laughing my way to Photosville (population: me).

For matthewjvandeventer.com, I’m Matthew Van Deventer.

Happy shooting!


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