The Golden Hour

It's the golden hour at Queen Elizabeth Park and the flora is illuminated by a wonderful light.

I was talking to myself about dabbling in High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) photography but for the longest time I was not know how it worked.

For those who do not know, HDR imaging creates a beautiful dynamic photograph that blends the brights, darks and colours together in a splendid product.

Often, a single photograph does not pick up the true image we see with our eyes. When we look across the horizon at a sunset, we are able to register the whole landscape with many degrees of shadows, highlights and colours.

When we try to capture the same sunset on a digital image, the end result is often disappointing. Without HDR imaging, photographers are pretty much limited to either a silhouette of the landscape with a dominant sun and sky (left) or an over-exposed sky with distinguishable features of the surrounding environment (right).

Essentially, I merged multiple raw (.NEF) images together to created a balanced image that is more true to what we see with our naked eye.

HDR imaging is perfect for creating truly amazing landscape photographs and I can’t wait to make more.


2 responses to “The Golden Hour

  1. That’s some magical Disney shit right there.

    I learned about HDRI a couple years ago, but I’ve never tried it.

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