The summer sun slowly sets along the horizon at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. A group of #summertimezealots paddle across English Bay.

School’s back and I couldn’t be happier.

I do not particularly enjoy heading back to the drab concrete confines of BCIT nor am I a fan of being a poor student. However, I do get a real satisfaction knowing that most of the #summertimezealots in this city have to face reality and become a prisoner to demands and deadlines.

#summertimezealots are kids (or kidz with a “z”) with free time on their hands. They worship the summer months, dance in the balmy night air and waste hours by the beach. #summertimezealots cry when they do not get their ideal weather conditions and they mope around at the sight of rain.

A young man takes a ride around a bike park by the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver. I'm sure he is a #summertimezealot.

To all those zealots out there;I’m sorry to hear that your cathedrals of sand are shifting with the seasons. It’s time to pick up the pallet, Jack, and face reality…

The sun has set for the #summertimezealots.

2 responses to “#summertimezealots

  1. I like this one Matt!

  2. Reality is what you make it. Grant consent to the institutions that rule you and they will do just that. “I guess what Imma sayin is there aint no better reason, to rid yourself of vanity and just got with the seasons” We are just fancy monkeys after all…

    Blessings on your journey brother.

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