Federal Funding Cuts for the Renfrew Moon Festival

The 9th annual Moon Festival celebrated Vancouver’s diverse art, music and cultural scene but, as I found out, the even faced federal funding troubles.

The Still Moon Arts Society Director Carmen Rosen says that the small community based festival along the Renfrew Ravine has lost 50% of their funding after they were denied a federal heritage grant.

“It’s very disappointing,” says Rosen. “But, we’re still making it work with the people that make it happen.”

The event still went through with big smiles beaming from the families in attendance but some organizers were a little discouraged with what could have been.

Vancouver-Kingsway MP Don Davies was at the festival set up in a small NDP tent during the start of the event but he was called off to another block party. I had to phone him in Ottawa after the first parliamentary sitting back from the summer break.

3 responses to “Federal Funding Cuts for the Renfrew Moon Festival

  1. Great article – nice to see our MP, Don Davies, standing up for arts & culture, as events like this deserve proper and stable funding.

  2. Great perspective…so why didn’t the Moon Festival get some cash? Who’s dishing out the new found money? Why didn’t it the money come the Moon Festival’s way.
    You are cultivating a good tone to your voice Matthew.

  3. The Minister of Heritage James Moore did not get his press release to me before the dead line. In fact, his office still has no information why they were cut. We exchanged a couple of emails and phone calls but no statements have transpired.

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