#PHOTOSAFARI: Pacific National Exhibition 2012

I took this, my grandpa’s golden PNE pass…

bought this, a 35mm lens…

and shot this…

… just because it’s the last weekend of the PNE and I needed to keep myself busy with something creative.

I guess I’m getting old because I no longer care about rushing for the Coaster or CorkScrew. Instead, I’m quite content with walking around and tinkering with time exposures.

You can’t go wrong with all the great animals and flashing lights.

Not every photograph was taken with the 35mm lens. I thought I’d have a little bit of fun with the fish-eye.
And, FYI: I hate llamas…

More slow shutter photos of twirling wheels.

After I took this photo, the carney asked, “you didn’t take a photo of me did you?”
“No,” was all I said and I walked away thinking, “I can’t wait to upload this photo.”

Moral of the story: if you say “don’t take my photo,”  while in a public park, I’m probably going to post it on the Internet.

A couple stand for a portrait along a busy walkway at the PNE.

Wave Swinger proved to be a fun ride to photograph. I ended up trying different shutter speeds and f-stop settings to get a bunch of different looks.

Some pics made the Wave Swinger look like a nuclear explosion or a psychedelic neon mushroom.

The fair’s come to an end and, for some, it’s back to school. Have a good one kids…

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