Dead to Me:

  1. Llamas
  2. The Mariana Trench
  3. Des Moines, Iowa
  4. Duck lips
  5. Small communities making national headlines
  6. Black Forrest cake
  7. Pan-Flutes
  8. Honey Boo-Boo
  9. Fish as pets
  10. Brazzer promo videos

On Notice: 

  1. 3D movies
  2. Nosey moms
  3. Red skinny jeans
  4. Unimaginative bumper-stickers
  5. Legitimate rape
  6. The Hobbit
  7. Autoerotic- asphyxiation
  8. People that do not know how to use the Internet
  9. Sociology
  10. Nostalgia

2 responses to “#DeadToMe

  1. You’ll be sorry about #2… that’s it you’re deleted!

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