University Video Essays

The other day, I helped put together a little minute-long video essay for a friend of mine. He came to me looking for help with his NYU Wagner video application.

Before setting out to record this short personal message, we sat down and looked at what other people had submitted to various NYU programs.

I was amused at the quality of the competition. A vast majority of video essays were shot off of a laptop’s webcam….

… while others were shot vertically, quite possibly from an iPhone.


I guess that’s alright for Buffalo Hot-Wings, but we needed something a little more interesting.

It was a quick little exercise and I felt it went alright. Hopefully it’ll pay off for my friend Robbie.

4 responses to “University Video Essays

  1. Great promo…I’d pick Robbie for the program!!.You should have thrown in a little bit of the rap option as well. I thought both videos were terrific.

  2. Damn, I just got accepted to the program and was looking up videos to check out some of my possible cohorts and this was by far one of the better shot videos! good stuff.

  3. Thanks…for not putting my video up and a crappy example. 😉
    well I’m selling my kidney to the devil to afford it so, I’m in the same boat. If your friend is coming to admit day, he should definitely talk to the alums and see how they’re doing. Most Alums I know (I used to work at NYU) seem to be doing quite well. I guess there’s no GI bill type of funding for military members, huh?

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