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Bend Sinister @ The RedRoom

The Racoons @ The RedRoom

The Racoons played @ the RedRoom on Feb. 19. They were second of three bands that preformed that night.

Potential Peak Performance artists: The Chase

Hidden within the quaint houses of Steveston, British Columbia, The Chase have been brewing a new brand of loud, potent rock & roll. Only recently has the band emerged from the suburbs to show off their super-sonic force within the Vancouver music scene. With an innovative sound and a charismatic stage presence, The Chase have successfully demonstrated that retro-rock doesn’t have to sound like something you’ve already heard.

The Chase, comprised of Kyle Owens (vocals), Jeremy Hankin (lead guitar), Jameson Hankin (drums), Jeek McIntyre (bass) and Mischa Lowenstein (rhythm guitar), solidified their line up in the spring of 2009.

Years before, the twin brothers, Jeremy and Jameson Hankin, first met Jeek McIntyre in a high school guitar class. After a couple jamming sessions the trio quickly found out that they had a powerful sound with the potential to attract an audience. However, without a singer the band was incomplete.  In 2006, the trio recruited Kyle Owens to be the voice of the band.

The decision proved to be a success.  Kyle naturally took to the role of vocal front-man and complimented Jeremy’s prodigal guitar talent, Jeek’s heavy bass presence and Jameson’s explosive drum fire.

After playing countless shows around Metro-Vancouver and B.C., The Chase decided to get serious about their music and add Mischa to the line-up.  With a second guitarist, the band was able to expand their musical horizons and rally rowdy audiences with their intense live performance.

In December 2009, The Chase went into the studio and started recording for a six song EP album.  Slated to release in the summer of 2010, the album will become another testament to the band’s commitment to release quick-witted and hard hitting dynamic rock.

The Chase is on.

Kyle Owens (left), Jeremy Hankin, Mischa Lowenstein, Jameson Hankin, Jeek McIntyre