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Jobs In Canada – EVOLUTION 107.9 Comment

The National Post released a list reporting the best places in Canada to get hired.
I hope you like rural communities because the future is out in the sticks…
The final EVOLUTION Comment for the week.

Digital Footprint – EVOLUTION 107.9 COMMENT

Julian Assange said that Facebook is the “most appalling” spy network in the world.
It is no surprise that the digital age makes people vulnerable to predators on the internet.

War on Terror – EVOLUTION 107.9 News Comment

People are celebrating across the United States after hearing about the news of Bin Laden’s assassination.

People are saying that justice has been served for those that were killed in the 9/11 attacks and as well as those brave soldiers that died in Afghanistan and Iraq.

For many people, today is a great day.

Bin Laden may be dead but the War on Terror is far from over. 
This is today’s comment for EVOLUTION 107.9 NEWS.