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Doing It Yourself

Rail Glide

From GoPros attached to quadcopters to gimmicky iPhone lens clips, Rafferty Baker and I are always talking about what gear we need to get a great shot.

About a month ago we went out and bought some cheap skateboard wheels and ball-bearings. The plan was to build track dollies for those sweet “unchained” shots.

For the longest time, I was unsure how to tackle the design of the dolly until I saw two old fridge door handles at work. I decided to shelf the track dolly plan for a relatively smaller rail-glider. The two handles were  screwed together to create a seamless five foot rail.

After consulting various DIY walkthroughs and hours in Home Depot, I spent most of the day constructing this rail-glider chassis.

It’s far from perfect but it’s a start in the right direction.