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Afghanistan and the 2011 Mothers’ Index – EVOLUTION 107.9 NEWS Comment

The 2011 Mothers’ Index was released on May 3, only a couple days before Mother’s Day.
Out of 164 countries, Norway is ranked #1, Canada #20 and USA #31.
Afghanistan has been ranked the worst place in the world for women and children.
I think it’s fitting that we take a minute to think about what Canada can do to help better the conditions for women and children in Afghanistan.


For years, homeschooling has been the popular alternative to the traditional public school system.  But as evolution reporters Mitch Pollock and Matthew VanDeventer found out, there is a third alternative that seeks to empower children by not putting them through school at all.

This is a short version of a radio documentary that will hopefully get picked up by the CBC. Take a listen and tell us what you think.