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Gorgeous Hannah Georgas stole my heart…

Hannah Georgas first full-length album, "This is Good", was released April 27, 2010. It is definitely worth a listen.

For nearly 34 minutes today I felt something that I had not experienced for quite some time.  It was as if my heart was revived and suddenly susceptible to the dumbfounded follies of love.

All I could think about was this beautiful voice singing only for me.

Hannah Georgas first full-length album, “This is Good”, captures the soft but potent songs of love, confusion and all the trivialities that come with being alive during the 21st century.

The Vancouver based singer-songwriter has crafted some of the most astounding songs of the year and has released a marvellous collection of music.

After listening to the album all the way through, I came to the conclusion that Georgas must know who I am.   I’m sure she wrote those songs specifically for my reawakening of juvenile innocence as the blossoming lazy days of spring and summer suddenly pass me by.

Every single song spoke to me and each catered to a forgotten memory lost along the way by each passing day.

Songs like ‘Love Sick’ are a master piece of modern music.  Georgas’ voice has the ability to open the mind to a blissful state of some unknown nostalgia and reveal that moment you first fell in love or how we tend to get caught up in the chaos of daily circus.

‘Your Ghost’ sounds like an eerie mix of Alanis Morissette sung to a Matthew-Good-style of meaningful melodic music.  The finished product is four minutes of hauntingly beautiful splendour.

And ‘Something for You’ is a magnificent closing song for such a wonderful album.  The incorporation of clarinets, horns and guitars create a playful jazz sound fit for the wildly sexy streets of New Orleans and Paris.

After listening to the album, the seriousness of my daily routine suddenly ceased to exist.  I wanted to leave work and lie in an open green-grassy field while Georgas sang songs for me.  I wanted to spend the day in the sun, eating grapes and talking to friends while enjoying the luxury of wasted time.  I wanted to ask Georgas a thousand questions and talk about life.

For a little over half-an-hour today, gorgeous Hannah Georgas stole my heart and reminded me how fun life can be.