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The summer sun slowly sets along the horizon at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. A group of #summertimezealots paddle across English Bay.

School’s back and I couldn’t be happier.

I do not particularly enjoy heading back to the drab concrete confines of BCIT nor am I a fan of being a poor student. However, I do get a real satisfaction knowing that most of the #summertimezealots in this city have to face reality and become a prisoner to demands and deadlines.

#summertimezealots are kids (or kidz with a “z”) with free time on their hands. They worship the summer months, dance in the balmy night air and waste hours by the beach. #summertimezealots cry when they do not get their ideal weather conditions and they mope around at the sight of rain.

A young man takes a ride around a bike park by the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver. I'm sure he is a #summertimezealot.

To all those zealots out there;I’m sorry to hear that your cathedrals of sand are shifting with the seasons. It’s time to pick up the pallet, Jack, and face reality…

The sun has set for the #summertimezealots.

An Endless Spring

April cherry-blossoms fall on a parked VW van in a quiet East Vancouver neighbourhood.

Summer is a season for children. The fortunate see these sweltering months as monumental moments of empty time equalled with a limitless pursuit of passion. But the summer slips away as quickly as it began. Like a child, the fortunate are in awe that their months of glory have once again passed.

Then comes autumn. It is a brilliant season of uniformed decay. The year’s vibrant life ages to a splendour of gold, red and brown. The children resume their studies and return to the fold. They, too, age with the change of season. The autumn is strict in its lessons. Like spring, the fall is a good season for learning.

Winter is a time for men. The cold is a temporary nuisance and the snow that falls near the year’s end is only a distraction. The children of the summer once again emerge, rubbing their eyes and crying out loud with complaints about the rain, sleet and snow. The men carry on and wait for the ice to thaw and the season to pass.

Spring is a good season of rebirth and vitality. Each year the same swift change alters the cityscape of Vancouver. The trees along lazy boulevards of quiet neighbourhoods erupt in a vibrant pink. The cherry-blossoms add a fantastic hue to the grey streets and dark clouds. Soon, the grey ascends and the fields breathe with new life. Waves of humid warmth lift from grassy knolls and cool gusts come off of the babbling brooks found along the hiking trails in the mountains. It’s almost a perfect pitch to find a harmonious chord within the body. And, like fall, the spring is a good season for learning.

I want to live, love and learn during an endless spring…

Burnaby Feature: Disc Golf @ Robert Burnaby Park

Mitch Pollock and I initially wanted to warn the citizens of Burnaby about the invasive Giant Hogweed but the city never returned our calls.

With less than 24 hours until our project was due, we ditched the overgrown weed and found an alternative.

Disc Golf at Robert Burnaby Park.