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Creeping from the shadows of Fantasy Gardens to fight HST…

Bill Vander Zalm talking to hundreds of citizens attending the "Fight the HST" rally at Kitsilano Secondary School on April 6.

Former Premier Bill Vander Zalm spoke to hundreds of angry citizens in a packed auditorium at Kitsilano Secondary School on April 6.

The speech kicked off Vander Zalm’s 90 day petition campaign to gain signatures from at least 10 per cent of voters in every B.C. riding in an effort to force the government to reconsider the Harmonization Sales Tax, slated to begin July 1, and push a referendum.

Hundreds of followers and concerned citizens watched Vander Zalm and Bill Tieleman rally support for the fight against HST in Premier Gordon Campbell’s riding of Vancouver-Point Grey.

Vander Zalm’s 30 minute speech included several comical parables of his own experience travelling around B.C. to raise awareness and how he became involved with the anti-HST campaign.

Vander Zalm’s anecdotal smooth talking, kept the crowd intrigued and passionate with the task at hand.

“We’ve had too much already,” said Vander Zalm during the rally. “Everything is increasing, every week or month there’s another tax. We can’t take it anymore.”

With only 89 days left until HST becomes reality, Vander Zalm’s message was more than anti-taxation but a cry for the preservation democracy in British Columbia.

If the “Fight the HST” signature campaign is a success then the petition will be regarded as

test to the B.C. Liberals’ value of democracy.

For more information on the ant-HST campaign, you can visit http://www.fightHST.com.