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Raptor Fest

Bard Owl

This little guy was saved after he collided with a station wagon. The Bard Owl spent the last little while in rehabilitation but he was out and about today. You can see his left eye is partially paralyzed from the accident.

Ferruginous Hawk

This Ferruginous Hawk has a smug look but he’s built like an eagle so I’m not going to start anything between us.

A raptor does a fly by just over the heads of the crowd.

A raptor flies-by over head of the crowd.

Jet is only a year old but he's been killing prey at the Vancouver International Airport. Jet is a Peregrin Falcon, which is the fastest animal on the plant.

Jet is only a year old but he’s been killing prey at the Vancouver International Airport for a little while now. If you look at his beak you can see some fresh blood from his last meal. Jet is a Peregrin Falcon, which is the fastest animal on the plant.

Manway the eagle flew away during last year's Raptor Fest. He's back again this year for a stoic photo-op.

Manway the eagle flew away during last year’s Raptor Fest. He’s back again this year for a stoic photo-op.

#PhotoSafari: For The Birds

Angry Birds Bird Canadian Goose Chickadee Eating Seeds Female Wood Duck Fraser Crane Goose Landing Hanging Out on a Post Eating Some Seeds Herron in the Slough Male Wood Duck Mighty Duck Red Winged Black Bird


The West Coast

Long BeachI really wanted to see the ocean. Not the gentle lapping waters that surround Vancouver kind of “ocean.” I wanted to see real waves.

After the Victoria Film Festival, I made the drive to Long Beach.

I was not disappointed.


The drive across the island was beautiful. There’s so many vistas and opportunities to snag a quick pic (like the one above at Kennedy Lake and below in Cathedral Grove).

Cathedral Grove

Old Man Beard

Big Rocks 2

That’s All Folks!

I set a goal at the start of this school year.  As producer, I promised myself that I would do something different for the BCIT Magazine.

After weeks of seeing the same product, I wanted to go above and beyond. First, it had to be in HD (only 720 though) and, second, the episode had to be set in space.

After weeks of mental preparation, set building and script writing; I present to you the BCIT MAGAZINE in SPACE.

Brittany DeAngelis is our lovely and talented anchor. Gurv Badh and Colin Hope also provide stories that helped present a disturbing past.

This is the final BCIT Magazine for the class of 2012. It’s been a fun ride and I wish the best of luck to all my friends and colleagues that were with me throughout the past two years at BCIT.

“We’ll do it live…”

The first rotation is finally over.

A small group of us were involved in making the weekly student lead television news program BCIT Magazine. The experience was intense and I ended up doing some things I thought I’d never do.

Anchoring was the main event. I didn’t want to have anything to do with the deed but I got my fair share of face time during the past three weeks.

For those of you who don’t know me very well, let me take a minute to tell you a little bit about myself:

I sweat a lot. I am like a blowfish, in the sense that I have a unique self-defense mechanism. Instead of spines pushing out from my skin, I have copious amounts of sweat streaming from my face. It’s an uncomfortable affliction that keeps things awkward most of the time.

My hyperhydrosis is not ideal for doing things that require performing in front of an audience. I have never liked presentations nor the pressure of being calm and serious on camera. Anchoring has never interested me but somehow I ended up anchoring two casts and also delivering a brief weather stand up.

Yes, there were screw-ups. But, keep in mind, this is not my thing. I only wanted a little fun.

I’m sure someone will ask “was it worth it?”

And I’ll answer, “yes, yes it was.”

Making a promotional video for a reality-TV show about making a horror flick…

Confused? because I still don’t know what I’ve done.

Nearly a month ago my friend Michaela Ross asked if I would be interested in filming and editing a short promotional video. I was given a brief rundown on the purpose of the video but I never really knew what to expect. I was told to film and that’s what I did.

Check out their Facebook page to learn more about the project:
Now they want me to film again to put together a little teaser trailer for their horror proposed horror flick.


Federal Funding Cuts for the Renfrew Moon Festival

The 9th annual Moon Festival celebrated Vancouver’s diverse art, music and cultural scene but, as I found out, the even faced federal funding troubles.

The Still Moon Arts Society Director Carmen Rosen says that the small community based festival along the Renfrew Ravine has lost 50% of their funding after they were denied a federal heritage grant.

“It’s very disappointing,” says Rosen. “But, we’re still making it work with the people that make it happen.”

The event still went through with big smiles beaming from the families in attendance but some organizers were a little discouraged with what could have been.

Vancouver-Kingsway MP Don Davies was at the festival set up in a small NDP tent during the start of the event but he was called off to another block party. I had to phone him in Ottawa after the first parliamentary sitting back from the summer break.

Seattle Remembers 9/11

The United States is still picking up the pieces after the attack on the World Trade Centre ten years ago.

Citizens of Seattle still remember the tragic events of 9/11, even ten years after. Many people walking around the city would run into visual reminders of the historic day. Flags were at half-mast and small memorials littered city parks spent the Sunday immersed in various activities.

In the shadow of the Space Needle, a group of 9/11 Truthers handing out pamphlets and encouraging passersby to question the government.

Across the park, there was another group of people assembled to promote peace and harmony at Memorial Field. The ONE Festival had guest speakers recalling the fateful day ten years ago. Local artists also preformed for the small crowd gathered at the Seattle stadium.

A final memorial at Alki Beach in West Seattle attracted a larger crowd for a candle light vigil. People gathered to sing songs and look on at the tribute to day of remembrance.

The sounds of silence…

My radio documentary production course involves creating a ‘scene setter.’

A ‘scene setter’ is an audio file that involves a collection sound to produce a sonic-illusion to establish a scene.

I thought about various challenging topics but the thought of emulating the ‘library’ amused me the most.

Potential Peak Performance artists: The Chase

Hidden within the quaint houses of Steveston, British Columbia, The Chase have been brewing a new brand of loud, potent rock & roll. Only recently has the band emerged from the suburbs to show off their super-sonic force within the Vancouver music scene. With an innovative sound and a charismatic stage presence, The Chase have successfully demonstrated that retro-rock doesn’t have to sound like something you’ve already heard.

The Chase, comprised of Kyle Owens (vocals), Jeremy Hankin (lead guitar), Jameson Hankin (drums), Jeek McIntyre (bass) and Mischa Lowenstein (rhythm guitar), solidified their line up in the spring of 2009.

Years before, the twin brothers, Jeremy and Jameson Hankin, first met Jeek McIntyre in a high school guitar class. After a couple jamming sessions the trio quickly found out that they had a powerful sound with the potential to attract an audience. However, without a singer the band was incomplete.  In 2006, the trio recruited Kyle Owens to be the voice of the band.

The decision proved to be a success.  Kyle naturally took to the role of vocal front-man and complimented Jeremy’s prodigal guitar talent, Jeek’s heavy bass presence and Jameson’s explosive drum fire.

After playing countless shows around Metro-Vancouver and B.C., The Chase decided to get serious about their music and add Mischa to the line-up.  With a second guitarist, the band was able to expand their musical horizons and rally rowdy audiences with their intense live performance.

In December 2009, The Chase went into the studio and started recording for a six song EP album.  Slated to release in the summer of 2010, the album will become another testament to the band’s commitment to release quick-witted and hard hitting dynamic rock.

The Chase is on.

Kyle Owens (left), Jeremy Hankin, Mischa Lowenstein, Jameson Hankin, Jeek McIntyre